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Opteck has a consumer rating of stars from 7 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Opteck ranks th among Currency Trading sites. 07/09/ · Rating: Opteck has ceased offering binary options in and has concentrated on CFDs trading services. Basic Information Opteck is a Cypriot Binary options broker, 05/05/ · I experienced a dreadful Opteck scam, I believe their customer account and customer profits they appear to have generated are most likely just “smoke and mirrors.” After ... read more

Closed Brokers. Opteck review. Trading terms Clients can choose between five accounts: Basic; Bronze; Silver; Gold; Platinum. Available assets include 1, most popular financial instruments. Muslim traders can open an Islamic account that does not charge commissions for rollovers. Analytical resources The website has articles on fundamental and technical analyses. Client support The website features the FAQs section. Payment methods The broker provides a wide range of simple and safe payment options: wire transfer; bank cards; Skrill; Neteller.

Advantages: European regulation; own trading platform. Disadvantages: no demo account; no binary options trading anymore.

Add comment Interested in other brokers? Author of Opteck: Asgon Date I have been experiencing a repeated disconnection for more than one month with Opteck broker.

I always face server failure, unable to connect problems with them. Sudden loss of connection. Bad execution of trades and they provide false prices to deceive their customer. So I do not recommend Opteck broker to any trader. Author of Opteck: Hallon Date Last year, I started my trading journey at Opteck. It has been amazing and I am proud to say that I am able to earn well with this broker.

I have to give them credit because it won't be possible if the broker did not have a stable platform with tight spreads and helpful learning materials. Author of Opteck: Douglas Date My first day of trading with them was yesterday, and I am really happy because they allowed to use all my trading methods. When I start to place an order, I noticed that they have a perfect execution time even in busy trading hours. I am profitable enough to trade in Opteck with profit group broker, who gives me a solid platform and best analytical signal in the platform so far.

An additional entity of Opteck is located in offshore zone BVI, which is not recommended to trade with, in case this is the only authority licensing the broker. Since Opteck holding an additional license from the European regulator, it is considered as a safe portfolio, while the company clearly distinguishes client funds from their own by keeping them in segregated accounts. The broker also uses the security measures while handling the account details or funds, all information is SSL encrypted and securely stored.

The most crucial factor when trading the markets is timing, thus Opteck carefully crafted an advanced system to quote up to date market prices with zero delays. The broker provides its own tradable prices which are derived from independent price providers.

Opteck trading platform is a developed proprietary technology with endless possibilities available for desktop, mobile and tablets. The platform opens the markets with top trading tools, live data and allows to perform trading through fast execution along with numerous instruments and available features. The platform features a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and simple to use. Multiple graphs, integrated marker news and professional trading signals are inserted into the platform.

In addition, Opteck brings an advanced App to seize market opportunities as they happen, to manage accounts and portfolio along with news with ease and comfort directly from your phone. Opteck designed 6 account types that are packed with tools to fit trading needs and of course level of expertise. The range includes Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black Accounts that diverse by the deposit requirements and offered conditions to trade, which means with a bigger size of account the client get a better fixed spread offering.

The Black Account designed for exclusive clients only, which is an absolutely tailor-made account with unique features that are discussed between the client and company. In addition, Opteck created a unique account to enable worldwide traders to trade while keeping the Sharia rules.

That means an Islamic account includes no interest, no swap check forex swap-free , no rollover commissions, and no overnight positions. Also, always consider rollover or overnight fee as a cost, which is about As well you may compare fees to another popular broker HotForex. While trading with Opteck you are able to operate with powerful tool leverage, which may increase your potential gains timely through its possibility to multiple initial accounts.

Yet, learn how to use leverage correctly, as leverage may increase your potential loses as well. Opteck leverage offering is determined by various measures and firstly set according to the regulatory requirements in the region or another.

So trading with global Opteck entity you are able to use high leverage levels like , or even higher by confirming your professional status.

Opteck gathered various payment methods that allow to fund or withdraw profits through the convenient method and truly covering the majority of payment methods from all around the world. Traders seek to identify trends and predict whether an asset will rise of fall in value within a specified time period — this could be as little as 30 seconds or as long as 1 month.

You are depositing your money with a broker and trusting them to hold it for you in a secure account. You are also trusting them to provide a secure trading environment, that follows the markets on a split second time frame; and provides technology that will allow you to trade as effectively as any professional investor. It is operates under EU financial regulation and is subject to regular audits and strict oversight. The few minor glitches that did occur were quickly resolved by their superb customer service team.

They have a very flexible approach to account management encouraging traders to choose an account type that fits their experience level and trading budget. All the accounts are free to open and they all come with a welcome bonus and the core Opteck benefits.

We recommend that you speak to an Opteck advisor if you are interested in opening a Gold, Platinum or Black account. They will help you to assess your trading goals and explain to you how to get the very most out of the investment process. Islamic Account. Opteck offers Muslim traders free Islamic Accounts for CFD online. The accounts guarantee a full trading experience that is free from haram activity such as riba. As an Islamic trader you will have access to forex trading, options trading and the core Opteck benefits.

In the Investment Service category. op teck. Visit this website. I feel so awful when i got to realized that i have been scammed of my hard earned money. I could forgave them until my money was recovered totally.

When you ask for your balance back they tell they will not release because they want to help you get a return or recoup your money, you hand your money over you will never see it again and you will never see a profit.

they do not give any type of withdrawal , they only make fool. all person in this company is fraud , cheater and very very big liar. i have already filed a complaint and recovery request with a recovery agency. if you are affected also you can also file legal complaints through recovery agencies like assetflashback. com or any other one you're sure of. Hi, i deposited with opteck also as i also had a trading account with trader vc with the same amount , i made a deposit of euro and i lost the money in 3 weeks, and they made the trades for me, i have to say that they are very nice when you start but when you tell them that you will not deposit more they just some how lose your money, i got all of my money back very fast and i am sure that each and one of you can,if you want you can leave me your phone or email and i will assist you as much as i can for free, dont give up you can get the money back even if it was more then 1 year ago, karma is for real and i am wiling to assist at any time :.

This broker is a scam, check out their review over at bullmarketz. Stay away from this fraud scheme. Being a regulated broker means nothing. They change rules as they want. First the client must have a trading volume of 15 times bonus size, then they increased this to 30 times. The only think they care is your money. They will continue to change the rules so that you can lose more money. Do not deal with these cheaters.

Thanks to calgarysecurity d0t 0rg who helped me get almost all of it back. The ad sounds reasonable, and claim that you could withdraw anytime with no question asked but the true is far from it. Once started, it started off aggressively asking you to invest with tutorial but when requested to trade by auto mode, different account managers will call to harass you to top up funds b'cos its lossing money and not making enough as they think I should Its my money.

So when asked to withdraw, no way they would allow to give you back, they would reject and cancel your requests as much as your requests until the monthly handling fee turn you to nil zero. The verdict, they are scam company,. Absolute thieves, they make no attempt to alert you if you don't use the funds you place with them. They take those funds without telling you they are doing so. Very bad company do not deal with them. They promised that you may withdraw your money at anytime when you deposit it, but when the time has come and you decide that it's time to quit, they will reluctantly entertain your request, call you on the phone to persuade you not to withdraw, that you need training and so on and so forth, but not a single word about when they are gonna return your money.

On top of that, you need to pay an extra 3. Absolutely a useless company. It will be a wise decision to stay away from this broker firm. I am still waiting for them to return my money, but it seems all to no avail. If you are interested in recovering your investment with Opteck, talk to us on www dot winthiscase dot com. Opteck trading is a Useless platform.

This software is utterly useless people, as it doesnt give any signals on the trading aspects, instead you will be forced to trade on your own Manual trading by a useless lady named "Alexandra Petrov" if I havent mistaken.

My recommendation, Please AVOID OPTECK AT ALL COSTS, WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I was hassled immediately after signing up for an account by Opteck. They called me dozens of times until they eventually got me to give them £ After losing £, I decided it wasn't for me and requested my money back. I got called by a Manager in India who wanted to know why I wanted to withdraw my account. I told him that I had no obligation to tell him and that I would just like my money please.

He got very aggressive saying that I needed to tell him the reasons why. He obviously wanted to overcome my objections but I wouldn't entertain it and kept refusing to give him a reason. I told him that it was my money and I didn't need to justify wanting it back.

He got very aggressive with me and eventually ended the call without confirming if I would get my money back. A few days later I did receive it back, but this was after sending an email to them. By this time I had been called every day but refused to talk with anyone. Once I got my money back, I abandoned my account. There was no place to close it and I wasn't willing to talk with Opteck on the phone again. In the six months since I stopped using the platform, I have been called by them at least once a month.

Everytime I tell them that I want absolutely nothing to do with them. Often when I tell them this, in no uncertain terms, they just hang up rudely. Sometimes they promise to take me off their lists. Yet, without fail, I get a phone call from Opteck at least once a month that makes me angry. This company may operate in the boundaries of legitimacy but they are extremely predatory. They will hound you relentlessly for money as that is all you are to them.

You will have to change your phone number if you truly want to break ties with them as they have no respect for people's wishes. They will call you whether you want them to or not. My whole life, I don't think I've ever been made to feel so upset and angry by a company. I don't care about the money I lost within a single day. I care about being treated like prey. Beware your documents are being sold for money. You will never see your money. Don't believe it will be returned in a LONG time, that is a diversion.

Call your credit card company, the feds, and Interpol. These people are dangerous. After a lot of difficulties regarding verification I wanted to close my account and get my money back, the broker Michael Sharpe convinced me to do one trade with him so I would leave as a happy "customer " unfortunately I did and lost all the money which I'm sure was his intention anyway well don't ever trust opteck trading in order to close the account we have to pay them 30 pounds without even trading for them.

Stay away you will not get your money back They are totally scam. Force you to fund. When you want to withdraw they will not allow you to do it. This gentleman is very rude at his behavior. Strange withdrawal policy which they have is your account manager has to authorize your payment release.

The money belongs to us and i dont understand the logic why someone has to authorize our payments. If someone can advise me were we can make complaints to get the money. Please do advise. Just started on opteck. They gave me the hard sell just to join. Wouldn't take 'no' or 'i'll think about it' for an answer. Then the calls kept coming. Have to say they are very good at getting you to say yes so you might as well just hang up if you can't say NO! On the plus side the trading is very easy..

From reading the other post is sounds like the only tech signals that you are able to use from their trading platform is the bollinger bands In the end it is just glorified gambling. Have fun and good luck.

This company is happy to let you work with a so called expert trader. The trades will make you lose all your money. The bonus which was promised has never materialised and the customer service will never call you back. The first trade was guaranteed free this was not the case either.

Please do not use this company!! You start bidding as a newbee and the market rates just drop a few seconds to finish time. NEW METHOD FOR RIPPING PEOPLE OFF SCAM. Overview Reviews About. VERIFIED COMPANY. Company activity See all Claimed profile.

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05/05/ · I experienced a dreadful Opteck scam, I believe their customer account and customer profits they appear to have generated are most likely just “smoke and mirrors.” After Opteck has a consumer rating of stars from 7 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Opteck ranks th among Currency Trading sites. 07/09/ · Rating: Opteck has ceased offering binary options in and has concentrated on CFDs trading services. Basic Information Opteck is a Cypriot Binary options broker, ... read more

Traders need to evaluate their objective, level of risk exposure and willingness to be exposed to risks. Web-portal Administration warns you that the data provided by Forex companies are for informational purposes only. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. C om" retrieved my whole initial investment and gave me my happiness back. Share on Twitter. Brokers Reviews.

They told me invest in 3 different currency for 30 min and per trade usd. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. Opteck is owned by Centralspot Trading Limited, located opteck reviews 28th October Street, opteck reviews, Lophitis Business Centre, Office, Limassol, Cyprus. Opteck uses the TraderSoft trading platform for CFD and Forex trading.